perfect chemistry


i didn’t expect to feel anything for liam dunbar but then they made him the secretary of the scott mccall fanclub under president stiles stilinski and vice president derek hale and that’s really fucking important to me

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the drama of “oh no we NEED this money but it’s not the RIGHT THING to do to keep it” is not being sold to me really because on no earth do i believe that derek hale wouldn’t throw his money at these kids the second they said they needed it, maybe slip a stack of bills into the sheriff’s work coat pocket, anonymously call the bank and give his credit card number to the holder of melissa’s mortgage like cmon you can’t tell me that stiles hasn’t been said to scott “well this is derek’s money we should just tell him we’re taking it, he’s half in love with you already, dude, he’s not gonna stop us” because I DON’T BELIEVE YOU

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Uhh what's this about Hoechlin forgetting the chains?


because in his new photoshoot 

he’s clearly auditioning to be a part of the lonely island, only he got the color wrong and forgot the gold chains 

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Dylan O’Brien signs his nametag and hugs a crying fan
Teen Wolf panel at San Diego Comic Con 2014
Photographed by Tiffany Chien (please credit if edited/reuploaded)

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goodbye white boy #3

it was nice to meet you

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Never going to Karaoke with you, Meredith…